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2 Module Vehicle

2 Module Vehicle

The 2 Module Vehicle in Rust is a customizable car base designed to accommodate up to two attachable modules. As indicated by its name, it allows players to build a car tailored to their specific needs by installing a variety of modules. Commonly found along roadsides, the 2 Module Vehicle typically comes with an essential engine or engine cockpit module already in place. There is also usually one other random module attached, offering an element of surprise and potential utility for players who find it.

Players can use the 2 Module Vehicle for different purposes such as transporting loot, traveling faster across the map, or conducting raids. The type of modules that can be attached include storage for extra carrying capacity, armored protection for increased durability during combat, or a flatbed for transporting other items like the Mini Helicopter. To operate the vehicle, players must supply it with low-grade fuel and ensure the engine components, such as spark plugs and valves, are in good condition. Regular maintenance and upgrades can enhance performance and longevity.

It's important to note that the 2 Module Vehicle can be locked to prevent theft, and players should consider parking it in a secure location, like a garage with a locking door. With the correct modules and upkeep, the 2 Module Vehicle is a valuable asset for any Rust player seeking efficiency and an edge in survival.

2 Module Vehicle Modules

2 Module Vehicle Fuel

Consumption per Hour
Tank Capacity
Full Tank
1 hour 44 min 10 sec
1 hour 15 min 45 sec

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