The Shredder in Rust is a substantial machine found in the Junkyard that specializes in dismantling module vehicles. This robust piece of equipment serves a dual purpose. Not only does it shred vehicles into their basic components, but it also functions as an alternative to the traditional recycler specifically for vehicle modules.

Players can operate an overhead crane equipped with a magnet to efficiently move module vehicles or scrapped pickup trucks. Once the crane is positioned over the Shredder, vehicles can be released to fall onto its powerful rotating blades. As it tears the vehicles apart, players can then collect the resources.

It's important to note, however, that the Shredder poses a significant danger to players themselves. Standing on the Shredder's blades is lethal, as it will kill any player caught on them during operation. Users should exercise caution and stay clear of the blades to avoid accidental death.

Maximizing the use of the Shredder involves gathering as many unusable or extra vehicles as possible to recycle their components for later use. This process is crucial for acquiring materials that are necessary for base building, crafting, and further in-game progress.

Recycle Shredder