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4 Module Vehicle

4 Module Vehicle

The 4 Module Vehicle is a customizable car chassis featured in the survival game Rust. This item holds up to four distinct vehicle modules, providing flexible options for transportation and storage. Players can find the 4 Module Vehicle spawning naturally along roadsides. When discovered, it usually comes equipped with an engine or engine cockpit module. Additionally, it often includes one other random vehicle module with the flatbed module being the most frequently encountered.

This multipurpose vehicle allows players to tailor their mode of transport according to specific needs. Whether it's for hauling resources, engaging in combat, or exploration, the 4 Module Vehicle's modularity makes it invaluable. Players can enhance functionality by adding modules like storage compartments, passenger seating, or special equipment like a water collector. It's important to note that the performance and speed of the vehicle can vary based on the modules installed and the overall weight of the cargo.

To optimize the use of the 4 Module Vehicle, players should consider the balance between utility and mobility. Regular maintenance is also necessary, as the vehicle is subject to degradation and may require repairs and fuel to operate effectively. Strategically deciding on which modules to equip can significantly impact the success of expeditions and resource-gathering missions in Rust's unforgiving environments.

4 Module Vehicle Modules

4 Module Vehicle Fuel

Consumption per Hour
Tank Capacity
Full Tank
1 hour 44 min 10 sec
1 hour 15 min 45 sec

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