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40mm Shotgun Round

40mm Shotgun Round

The 40mm Shotgun Round is a powerful ammunition type used exclusively in the Multiple Grenade Launcher within the game Rust. It boasts a lethal payload, unleashing a spread of 12 pellets upon firing, designed to inflict significant damage at close quarters. One of the most formidable features of this ammunition is its capability to potentially one-shot a fully geared player, assuming all pellets make contact with the target. This makes it a choice round for players looking for high-impact, close-range combat options.

With its wide spread, the 40mm Shotgun Round excels in tight spaces and is ideal for base defense or raiding. It's crucial to note that while this round is devastating at close range, its effectiveness diminishes over distance, where pellet spread reduces hit probability. Players should also consider the round's relatively high resource cost when stockpiling this ammunition. Effective use involves aiming down sights for better accuracy and anticipating enemy movements to maximize the round's devastating pellet spread. Carrying these rounds means being ready for abrupt encounters, where its stopping power can turn the tide of a skirmish instantly.

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