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Basic Horse Shoes

Basic Horse Shoes

The Basic Horse Shoes in Rust are an essential item for players who use horses as a mode of transportation. These horse shoes significantly increase the movement speed of your horse, allowing for quicker travel across the vast landscapes of the game. Crafted from metal fragments, these shoes are a simple yet effective upgrade for any horse, enhancing its overall mobility and efficiency.

Equipping your horse with Basic Horse Shoes means you can reach destinations faster, escape threats more readily, and traverse the terrain with greater ease. They are especially valuable when you need to outrun hostile players or wildlife. To equip the horse shoes, simply interact with your horse and place the shoes in the appropriate equipment slot.

Remember that while Basic Horse Shoes improve speed, they do not improve other aspects like horse stamina or jump height. Regular maintenance is also essential as horse shoes can degrade over time. Always keep a spare set in your inventory, so you don't get caught off-guard without this crucial speed boost. Additionally, consider upgrading to higher-tier horse shoes if available, for even better performance.

Craft Basic Horse Shoes

Workbench Level
Basic Horse Shoes
Basic Horse Shoes Blueprint
Known by Default
7–30 sec

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Repair Basic Horse Shoes

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Recycle Basic Horse Shoes