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Cassette - Long

Cassette - Long

The Cassette - Long is an in-game item for the survival game Rust, specifically designed to store audio recordings. This durable cassette tape can hold a maximum of 30 seconds of audio, which players can record through the use of a Cassette Recorder. The item is particularly useful for players who wish to capture sounds or messages within the game environment for replaying later.

Players find the Cassette - Long essential for creating in-game communications, setting up ambiance, or leaving recorded messages at their base for other players to find. The recorded content on the cassette can range from practical use like coordinating with team members to creative endeavors such as in-game storytelling or creating background noise.

To use the Cassette - Long effectively, ensure you have a Cassette Recorder on hand. Once recorded, the cassette can be labeled, stored, and played back at any time with a compatible device in Rust, such as a Boom Box or Portable Boom Box. This makes it a versatile tool for gameplay immersion and strategy.

Craft Cassette - Long

Workbench Level
Cassette - Long
Cassette - Long Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
1–5 sec

Recycle Cassette - Long


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