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Cassette Recorder

Cassette Recorder

The Cassette Recorder in Rust is a portable audio recording and playback device. To use it, simply insert a cassette, and press the [attack] button to listen to the audio recorded on the tape. If you want to create your own audio message or capture sounds within the game, press the [attack2] button to start recording new audio onto the cassette. Once you're done recording or if you want to dispose of the cassette, you can press the [+reload] button to throw it away. This item is essential for players who need to communicate with others in creative ways or want to leave audio messages in the game world.

As a tip, always make sure you have a blank cassette in your inventory if you plan to record something new. Additionally, the Cassette Recorder can be a strategic tool for setting traps or misdirecting other players with recorded sounds. Keep in mind that the recorder requires electricity to operate, so it's important to maintain a power source in the game for uninterrupted usage. The simplicity of the Cassette Recorder's functions makes it user-friendly, so even beginners can quickly understand how to utilize it effectively in various situations throughout the Rust environment.

Craft Cassette Recorder

Workbench Level
Cassette Recorder
Cassette Recorder Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
3–15 sec

Recycle Cassette Recorder


Cassette Recorder Cassettes