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Portable Boom Box

Portable Boom Box

The Portable Boom Box is a unique item in Rust that allows players to stream real-world radio stations directly into the game. This item can only be utilized while it is held in the player's hands, offering a mobile way to enjoy music. To craft the Portable Boom Box, players must have the Voice Props DLC, making it an exclusive addition to the Rust experience.

In addition to the portable version, players can also find Stationary Boom Boxes in various locations like the Underwater Labs. These immovable boom boxes can be strategically used to mask the sound of footsteps, potentially giving players a stealth advantage. However, keep in mind that not all players will be affected by this strategy, as some may have disabled the feature and won't hear Boomboxes at all.

For an even more personalized audio experience, Rust allows server administrators to add Custom Streams to the servers. This means that if you're playing on a server with this feature enabled, you can potentially listen to a tailored playlist or broadcast specific to that community.

Remember that while the Portable Boom Box can add a fun and tactical layer to your gameplay, its successful use depends on the server settings and the preferences of other players in the game. Engage with music while you explore, build, and survive in the world of Rust with this innovative item!

Craft Portable Boom Box

Workbench Level
Portable Boom Box
Portable Boom Box Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
3–15 sec

Repair Portable Boom Box

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Portable Boom Box


Portable Boom Box Cassettes