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Cassette - Medium

Cassette - Medium

The Cassette - Medium is a virtual item in the popular online game Rust, designed to hold and play back audio recordings. Users can record up to 20 seconds of audio with this cassette using the in-game Cassette Recorder. It is a medium-sized cassette, offering a balance between recording duration and physical size, making it a handy tool for players looking to capture and share in-game sounds or messages.

Recording with the Cassette - Medium is simple. Players just need to equip a Cassette Recorder, insert the cassette, and press the record button to capture anything from voice memos to ambient noises within the game. Once recorded, audio can be played back anytime, adding to the immersive Rust experience.

Apart from its primary function of recording and playing back audio, the Cassette - Medium can also serve as a means of communication or entertainment. Players can leave recorded messages for others, set up an automated in-game warning system, or simply create a playlist to enjoy while defending their base. The versatility of the Cassette - Medium makes it a valuable item for both novices and veterans of the game.

Craft Cassette - Medium

Workbench Level
Cassette - Medium
Cassette - Medium Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
1–5 sec

Recycle Cassette - Medium


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