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Cassette - Short

Cassette - Short

The Cassette - Short is a compact storage medium in the game Rust, used for recording and playing back audio. It works in conjunction with a Cassette Recorder and can store up to 10 seconds of sound. Players utilize this item to capture in-game sounds, voice messages, or music, making it an essential tool for communication and entertainment within the game's environment.

Besides its basic function, the Cassette - Short can also be used to create unique in-game signals, leaving behind audio clues or messages for other players. Its portability allows for seamless transfer of information from one player to another. When used strategically, these cassettes can enhance gameplay, aid in team coordination, or even be employed in psychological warfare against opponents.

To use the Cassette - Short, simply insert it into a Cassette Recorder, record your desired audio, and then play it back whenever needed. Remember that the 10-second limit means you need to be concise with your messages. Players can collect multiple cassettes to create a library of sounds, adding depth to their in-game interactions. Be sure to label your cassettes or keep them in order to avoid confusion!

Craft Cassette - Short

Workbench Level
Cassette - Short
Cassette - Short Blueprint
Requires DLC
Voice Props Pack
1–5 sec

Recycle Cassette - Short


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