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Dragon Door Knocker

Dragon Door Knocker

The Dragon Door Knocker is an ornate, functional decoration for the doors of player-built structures in the game Rust. Crafted with a distinct dragon motif, this door accessory not only adds aesthetic value but also serves as a practical tool for visitors to announce their arrival before entering a base. Made of durable materials, it provides a clear audio cue, allowing inhabitants to be aware of guests or potential intruders.

This in-game item can be attached to any player-made door, fitting seamlessly into the game's construction and base defense mechanics. While it offers no additional security benefits, the Dragon Door Knocker is essential for players who value the immersive experience and detail in personalizing their in-game home. It emphasizes the player's presence and can signal a well-established and maintained base, possibly deterring would-be raiders who might think twice before attacking a well-cared-for fortification.

To install the Dragon Door Knocker, simply approach the door of your choice with the item in your inventory and follow the on-screen prompts to attach it. With its unique design, it can be an indicator of wealth or status within the game, showing off your resource-gathering abilities or trading prowess. For those looking to enhance their base's aesthetic, the Dragon Door Knocker is a small but mighty addition, creating an inviting yet formidable entrance for friends and foes alike.

Craft Dragon Door Knocker

Workbench Level
Dragon Door Knocker Blueprint
Steam item
7–30 sec

Repair Dragon Door Knocker

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Dragon Door Knocker


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