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Egg Suit

Egg Suit

The Egg Suit is a unique and playful cosmetic attire item in the multiplayer survival game, Rust. Designed to resemble a colorful egg, this costume is a popular choice among players looking to add a touch of humor and style to their character. Aside from its visual appeal, the Egg Suit can also be customized with paint when not equipped, allowing players to personalize their look.

While the Egg Suit may not provide any tactical advantages or protective benefits, it's perfect for in-game events, such as Easter celebrations or simply to stand out from the crowd. Its bright and distinctive appearance makes it an enviable piece for those who enjoy personalizing their in-game avatar.

If you're looking to enhance your Rust experience with some light-hearted fun, the Egg Suit is an excellent choice. Remember, the Egg Suit does not offer any inventory slots, so you'll need to manage your resources accordingly when donning this whimsical outfit. Acquiring and painting your own Egg Suit can be a delightful way to show off your creative side within the game's vast, open-world environment.

Craft Egg Suit

Workbench Level
Egg Suit Blueprint
Steam item
3–15 sec
1 sec

Total crafting cost

Repair Egg Suit

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Egg Suit


Egg Suit Skins