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Hemp Fibers

Hemp Fibers

Hemp Fibers are a critical resource in the survival game Rust. These fibers are obtained from hemp plants, which are a common sight across the game's expansive map, seamlessly integrating into all three biomes. Players can gather hemp plants to collect vital cloth, an essential ingredient used for crafting a variety of items, including clothing and medical supplies.

For agricultural enthusiasts, hemp can also be cultivated by planting hemp seeds in either large or small planters. A crucial tip for aspiring farmers is to keep these plants watered; without water, hemp plants wither to a brown color and lose their ability to be harvested.

Seeking maximum efficiency in your hemp cultivation? Press and hold the 'E' key on a mature hemp plant to take clippings. These clippings yield between 2-4 units and can be replanted to produce abundant and high-yielding hemp crops. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, always remember to pick up any hemp fibers you find; they're invaluable for a successful Rust adventure.

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