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Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are items in the survival game Rust that can be found as a byproduct when players harvest hemp plants, a key resource for crafting. These seeds serve a valuable function as they can be planted directly in the ground or in a planter box to cultivate new hemp plants, which in turn can be harvested for more cloth; essential for crafting clothing, armor, and other important items within the game.

When planted in the natural soil, hemp seeds are a low-maintenance option—they don't require watering or fertilizer, making them a perfect choice for players who want to grow cloth with minimal effort. However, the trade-off is a slower growth rate and no control over the growing conditions.

For players seeking optimal growth, planting hemp seeds in a planter box is the best route. This method demands regular watering and fertilization, which aids in maximizing the growth speed and yield of the plants. Proper hydration is crucial for fostering prosperous growth—aiming for a water level between 50% and 70% is ideal. Over-watering can lead to decreased efficiency, so maintaining this balance is key.

Light is another necessity for the growth of hemp plants, whether it comes from in-game lamps or natural sunlight. As of the last update in May 2020, it's important to note that floor grates, despite appearing transparent, do not allow light through to plants below—a known issue that might be resolved in future updates.

Keen on automating your crop hydration? Consider building near beaches or rivers to take full advantage of the game's electric water pump and purifier. This setup can help create an automatic watering system, thus simplifying the cultivation process and ensuring that your plants thrive.

Remember that planting hemp seeds benefits not only you but also other players, as it contributes to a renewable source of cloth. Wise management of these resources is pivotal to survival and progress in Rust.

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