The worm in Rust is a small in-game item designed primarily to serve as bait for fishing. With its wriggling motion, it attracts fish, which are essential for survival as they provide food and resources for the player. If necessary, the worm can also be consumed, offering a minimal nutritional value to stave off hunger in emergency situations. It is a versatile item that can be found or collected within the Rust environment.

When using the worm as bait, players can significantly increase their chances of catching fish, making it an indispensable item for those looking to sustain themselves by fishing. It is recommended to keep a stock of worms handy if you are planning on fishing regularly. Additionally, while not ideal for consumption due to its low nutritional value and the potential for health risks, the worm can be eaten when there are no other food sources available, ensuring survival for a short period.

To optimize the use of worms in Rust, fish near bodies of water with a high concentration of fish, such as lakes or the ocean, and use proper fishing gear. Always consider the worm as a backup food source, and prioritize finding more substantial and nutritious food options for long-term sustenance. Remember, the worm's primary role is as bait, which will contribute to a more successful and productive fishing experience.

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