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Hide Poncho

Hide Poncho

Rust's Hide Poncho is a simple, wearable item providing basic warmth to the player. Made primarily from leather, this torso covering is especially beneficial in cold environments like the tundra and mountainous regions within the game. In terms of protection, it offers quite minimal resistance to damage compared to other armor options, making it more suitable as an early-game choice or for players with an abundance of leather resources looking to stave off the cold.

When considering its utility, the Hide Poncho stands out for its ease of crafting and the noticeable temperature regulation it provides. Players venturing into cooler areas of the map will find this garment increases their survival odds against the chill. However, it's important to note that in combat situations, the poncho should be replaced with sturdier armor to ensure greater defensive capabilities against threats. As a quick solution for warmth or a temporary gear piece for new players accumulating resources, the Hide Poncho can be an essential part of a player's inventory in Rust.

To maximize its effectiveness, pairing the Hide Poncho with other warm clothing items can help players survive longer in harsh climates without sacrificing too much inventory space for specialized gear. Strategically speaking, utilizing the poncho during initial resource gathering expeditions in cold zones can be a smart move, while planning for an armor upgrade once players have established their bearings and accumulated necessary materials for better protection.

Craft Hide Poncho

Workbench Level
Hide Poncho
Hide Poncho Blueprint
Known by Default
7–30 sec

Hide Poncho Blueprint

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