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Homing Missile

Homing Missile

The Homing Missile is a powerful ammunition type in Rust, specifically designed for the Homing Launcher. This missile is renowned for its high-speed propulsion and advanced targeting system, which employs radar technology to actively guide itself towards a moving or stationary target after being fired. Essential for players needing to engage with distant or evasive enemies, the Homing Missile ensures accuracy and efficiency on the battlefield.

Utilizing the Homing Missile requires precision and strategic planning. Its effectiveness is maximized when used against vehicles or fortified positions from a safe distance. Precision targeting is made possible by the missile's smart guidance system, which locks onto heat signatures or radar reflections emitted by potential targets. Players must keep in mind that using this missile consumes more resources than standard ammunition, making it a precious asset for crucial combat scenarios.

Furthermore, mastering the use of the Homing Missile can be a game-changer during raids or defensive actions. It offers a tactical advantage by delivering a substantial amount of damage to enemy structures or vehicles with its explosive payload. To achieve the best results, players should aim to maintain a clear line of sight to the target to ensure the missile's guidance system remains uninterrupted during its flight.

In summary, the Homing Missile in Rust is an indispensable tool for players needing to outmaneuver opponents and inflict critical damage from afar. Its combination of speed, precision, and destructive power makes it a valuable addition to any player's arsenal.

Craft Homing Missile

Workbench Level
Homing Missile
Homing Missile Blueprint
5–10 sec
1 sec
Gun Powder
Known by Default
0.5–2 sec

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Homing Missile Blueprint

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