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Instant Camera

Instant Camera

The Instant Camera in Rust is a handheld item used for taking photos. Capture the moments instantly by pressing the primary fire button. For a closer look at distant objects, the camera allows users to zoom in and out using the secondary fire function. The focus mode can be easily adjusted to enhance photo clarity by pressing the reload button. Once the pictures are taken, they can be accessed from your inventory where you can click on them to view.

Not just for viewing, these photographs can be displayed in the game world by placing them inside picture frames on walls—a perfect way to decorate your base or to keep memories of your adventures. This feature also provides a unique form of communication, allowing players to share visual information with others. Whether for functional mapping, artistic expression, or simply capturing snapshots of survival, the Instant Camera is an essential tool for any Rust player seeking to document their journey.

Remember that the Instant Camera is a consumable item; each camera comes with a limited number of shots, so make sure to use them wisely. Players can craft or find additional cameras as needed for continuous photography fun in the game's post-apocalyptic world.

Craft Instant Camera

Workbench Level
Instant Camera
Instant Camera Blueprint
Requires DLC
Sunburn Pack
7–30 sec
1 sec

Total crafting cost

Repair Instant Camera

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Instant Camera


Instant Camera Photo