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Metal Ore Node

Metal Ore Node

Metal Ore Node is an essential resource in Rust, primarily consisting of metal ore and occasionally high quality metal ore. These nodes are vital for crafting tools, weapons, and base reinforcements, making their collection a top priority for players. Typically, metal ore nodes are distributed in areas with rocky terrain, such as cliffs, mountainous regions, and rock formations. Their occurrence in open fields is rare, suggesting players focus their search in more rugged terrains to increase their chances of finding these valuable resources.

When harvested with tools like a pickaxe, metal ore nodes will yield metal ore that needs to be smelted in a furnace to create metal fragments, which are a cornerstone for advanced item crafting. In the event a node contains high quality metal ore, players can refine it to produce high quality metal, crucial for endgame gear and strong base parts. Exploring the landscape for these nodes and efficiently mining them not only secures essential materials but also significantly advances a player's ability to thrive and protect themselves in the game's challenging environment.

For those looking to maximize their efforts, it's recommended to upgrade to higher-tier tools as soon as possible to increase the harvesting efficiency. Additionally, taking note of high-density node spawn areas and revisiting them periodically can ensure a steady supply of these indispensable ores. Lastly, be wary of other players in popular mining areas, as these spots can also be conflict hotspots over resources.

Metal Ore Node Is-gathered

Condition Loss
1–2 sec
2 %
12–27 sec
5 %
7–13 sec
1 %
9–23 sec
9 %
9–19 sec
2 %
27 sec – 1 min 13 sec
25 %
18–51 sec
31 %
24 sec – 1 min 4 sec
17 %