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Skull Door Knocker

Skull Door Knocker

The Skull Door Knocker is a unique decorative item in the survival game Rust. Designed to add a menacing touch to your base's entrance, this door knocker is shaped like a skull and serves as a visual warning to would-be intruders. It is not just for aesthetic appeal though; it also functions as an interactive feature on player-built doors. When used, it creates a loud knocking sound, allowing residents to be alerted of someone's presence outside.

Installing a Skull Door Knocker is straightforward - simply apply it to any door within your base. One of the key benefits to using this door knocker is the psychological effect it may have on other players, potentially deterring unwanted visitors. Additionally, it adds a personal flair to your dwelling, letting others know you've put thought into the design of your base.

While the Skull Door Knocker doesn't provide any direct gameplay advantages such as increased security, its intimidating look can serve to make your domicile seem more formidable. It's important for players to collect this item through in-game events or purchase it in the Rust item store as it is not craftable. So for players looking to make a statement with their base or just wanting to add a quirky element to their in-game home, the Skull Door Knocker is an excellent choice.

Craft Skull Door Knocker

Workbench Level
Skull Door Knocker Blueprint
Steam item
7–30 sec

Repair Skull Door Knocker

Max Repair Cost
Condition Loss
BP Required

Recycle Skull Door Knocker


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