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Stone Ore Node

Stone Ore Node

The Stone Ore Node in Rust is a critical resource for survival and base construction. Found primarily around rock formations, cliffs, and mountains, these nodes are the go-to source for stones. While relatively rare in open fields, players can locate Stone Ore Nodes by exploring near large rocks and rough terrain.

When you come upon a Stone Ore Node, look for a yellow glowing spot, often referred to as the 'hot spot'. Striking this hot spot with tools like a pickaxe will yield stones more efficiently, thus accelerating the mining process. Successfully mining Stone Ore Nodes is essential for crafting tools, weapons, and building sturdy structures.

To maximize your gathering efforts, it's advisable to use higher-tier tools like the Salvaged Icepick or Jackhammer which increase the speed and resource output from the node. Always be aware of your surroundings when mining, as the process can attract other players or enemies. Keep an eye out for the distinctive texture and appearance of Stone Ore Nodes to ensure you don't miss this valuable resource as you journey through the wilderness of Rust.

Stone Ore Node Is-gathered

Condition Loss
1–3 sec
2 %
12–27 sec
5 %
7–13 sec
1 %
9–23 sec
9 %
9–19 sec
2 %
27 sec – 1 min 16 sec
26 %
18–53 sec
32 %
24 sec – 1 min 10 sec
19 %