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Survey Charge

Survey Charge

The Survey Charge in Rust is a critical tool for prospecting potential mining sites. When used, it effectively blasts the terrain to reveal the types and quantities of minerals available in that location. Players deploy the survey charge on the ground, which detonates and scatters a range of resources into the air. The resources ejected reflect what a Mining Quarry would produce if installed at the blast site. Post-explosion, a crater marks the spot, which can be inspected to yield a note with a detailed mineral analysis.

Aside from its primary use in mining, the survey charge can inflict area damage when it explodes. Although it has a low impact against other players due to its fuse time and modest damage output, it's handy for dealing with sheet metal doors during raids. However, because of the low damage it deals, players might find that the survey charge is not cost-effective for recycling purposes in comparison to other methods of raiding or gathering resources.

Keep in mind that the survey charge is more than just an explosive—it's essentially the gateway to unlocking valuable resources for your base and crafting needs. Proper use of this item can secure high-yield mining areas, allowing for a steady flow of resources, which is vital for survival and progression in the game. Handle with care, maximize its potential for mining, and consider its utility in tactical scenarios when outsmarting opponents.

Craft Survey Charge

Workbench Level
Survey Charge
Survey Charge Blueprint
7–15 sec
Gun Powder
Known by Default
0.5–2 sec
Low Grade Fuel
Known by Default
1–5 sec

Total crafting cost

Survey Charge Blueprint

Scrap Total

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