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Bone Helmet

Bone Helmet

The Bone Helmet in Rust is a primitive armor piece designed to provide players with basic head protection during the early stages of gameplay. Crafted from bone fragments, this helmet serves as an intermediary protection layer before players have access to more advanced metal armors. It offers a moderate defense against physical attacks, making it a worthwhile option for players seeking to safeguard themselves from head injuries while collecting resources and engaging in early conflicts. It is an efficient way to utilize excess bone fragments that players might accumulate through hunting or scavenging.

With its straightforward design, the Bone Helmet is easy to craft and does not require complex materials or a workbench. It ranks just below the wolf headdress in terms of defense within the tier of primitive headwear, but it is an accessible choice for players who may not have the resources or the luck to procure a wolf skull. It's important to note that while it provides a degree of safety, the Bone Helmet is not the most durable option and players should look to upgrade to metal headgear when possible for better protection.

For those venturing into the wilderness or preparing for skirmishes, the Bone Helmet can be a lifesaver. It is an excellent early-game defense item that can be the difference between survival and defeat. As players progress and gather more advanced resources, the Bone Helmet remains a reminder of the resourcefulness required to thrive in the harsh world of Rust.

In summary, the Bone Helmet is a cost-effective, easily crafted piece of protective equipment that strategically uses bone fragments. It's a significant tier above being unprotected but should eventually be replaced by stronger, more resilient helmets as one advances in the game.

Craft Bone Helmet

Workbench Level
Bone Helmet
Bone Helmet Blueprint
Known by Default
7–30 sec

Bone Helmet Blueprint

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