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Double Horse Saddle

Double Horse Saddle

The Double Horse Saddle is an essential item in Rust for players looking to ride horses in pairs. This unique saddle features two seats, allowing for a cooperative travel experience. It is attached to a horse, much like the regular saddle, but with the added benefit of accommodating an additional player. To use the Double Horse Saddle, approach a horse within the game, hold the 'E' key, and select the 'Claim' option to attach the saddle and claim the horse as your own.

Aside from the social and strategic advantages of dual riding, using the Double Horse Saddle can be especially useful for transporting an ally, sharing scouting duties, or engaging in combat scenarios where teamwork is advantageous. It is important to note that only the front rider can control the horse, while the rear rider is free to use weapons and tools. This setup enhances both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the riders. Moreover, the Double Horse Saddle improves the overall efficiency of resource gathering and exploration, as two players can travel together while sharing the workload.

Keep in mind that just like with any claimed animal in Rust, the horse with the Double Horse Saddle can be taken by other players if left unattended. Therefore, it's crucial to store it securely within a base or compound when not in use to prevent theft. Finally, ensure your horse's sustenance needs are met by feeding it regularly to maintain its health and stamina for your adventurous rides across the Rust landscape.

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