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High Velocity Rocket

High Velocity Rocket

The High Velocity Rocket is a unique ammunition type in the popular survival game Rust. As indicated by its name, this rocket is designed to travel at a faster speed than the regular rockets, making it an excellent choice for engaging targets from a long distance. Despite its reduced damage output compared to the standard rocket, it stands out for being more economical to produce.

Players often utilize the High Velocity Rocket when they need to strike quickly and accurately without expending the resources necessary for the more powerful standard rocket. This makes it particularly effective in scenarios where lighter damage is sufficient—for instance, when dealing with weaker structures or in situations where precision is more valuable than brute force. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a strategic choice when planning an assault or defending against an attack in the game of Rust.

When employing the High Velocity Rocket, consider pairing it with a Rocket Launcher to optimize its performance. Also, keep in mind that while it packs less of a punch, it can still be deadly in the right hands. Perfect for players looking to hit moving targets or engage swiftly from afar, the High Velocity Rocket can be a game-changer on the battlefields of Rust.

Loot High Velocity Rocket

25 %
15 %

Craft High Velocity Rocket

Workbench Level
High Velocity Rocket
High Velocity Rocket Blueprint
5–10 sec
1 sec
Gun Powder
Known by Default
0.5–2 sec

Total crafting cost

High Velocity Rocket Blueprint

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