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Patrol Helicopter

Patrol Helicopter

The Patrol Helicopter is a challenging and dynamic NPC-driven event in the game Rust, which occurs every 2 to 4 hours. Recognized by its aggressive behavior, the helicopter targets players who are wearing more than two pieces of clothing or have a ranged weapon equipped on their hotbar. It is known for its considerable amount of health and its armament, which includes a deadly M249 machine gun.

When the Patrol Helicopter arrives, it emerges from a random point and sweeps over the island, patrolling the various radiation-infected towns before eventually departing. Players aiming to engage must use ranged weapons, with the L96 rifle equipped with High Velocity (HV) ammunition being a preferred choice for drawing its focus. Striking the helicopter attracts it towards the player, but to maintain its attention, a player must continuously remain visible; otherwise, it may veer off after approximately 30 seconds.

For those seeking to take down this formidable foe, aiming for its two critical weak points—the main rotor blades and the tail rotor—is essential. Damaging both points can lead to the helicopter's destruction regardless of its remaining health. Adequate preparation involves setting up a base fortified with Vertical Metal Embrasures and a nearby respawn point, such as a bed, to quickly rejoin the battle after death.

Caution should be taken as the Patrol Helicopter can launch both standard and incendiary rockets. When preparing to fire these rockets, the helicopter will reposition itself, providing a brief window for players to seek cover. Metal Embrasures will not safeguard against the rocket explosions, making a timely retreat essential to survival.

Successfully downed Patrol Helicopters crash to the ground in a dramatic spinning motion, followed by a significant explosion and subsequent flames. The wreckage remains on fire for a period, and this includes the valuable loot crates it drops. Players will need to wait for the fires to extinguish naturally; attempting to douse the flames with water buckets is ineffective. Once the fires subside, the crash site can yield materials such as high-quality metal, metal fragments, and charcoal. Be aware that the crash site is marked with a debris field icon on the map, potentially attracting other players to the location, which can give rise to intense PvP encounters.

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Patrol Helicopter Is-gathered

Condition Loss
32 sec
15 %
4 min 16 sec
43 %
2 min 12 sec
8 %
4 min
90 %
3 min 21 sec
21 %
12 min 50 sec
19 min 43 sec
Candy Cane Club
13 min 48 sec
Bone Club