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Wooden Horse Armor

Wooden Horse Armor

The Wooden Horse Armor is an equipable item in the survival game Rust that provides protective coverage to horses. It's crafted primarily from wood, offering a basic level of defense against attacks. This armor is an essential item for players using horses for transportation or during raids, as it helps ensure the horse's longevity by reducing the damage it takes from enemy players or wildlife.

With the Wooden Horse Armor, your horse gains increased durability in the sometimes harsh and unpredictable environment of Rust. While it isn't as robust as metal equine armors, it offers a cost-effective and readily available option to keep your ride safer in combat situations or when traversing areas with potential threats. The crafting recipe is simple, requiring only wood, which can be easily gathered from trees around the island, making it accessible for players of all levels.

Additionally, the Wooden Horse Armor can be quickly equipped on a horse, allowing adventurers to prepare for expeditions in a timely manner. It's important to note that while the armor adds a layer of security, it does not make the horse invincible, so strategic navigation and situational awareness are still crucial for survival.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Wooden Horse Armor, it is recommended to pair it with other horse-related items, such as the Saddlebag for extra storage or the Horse Shoes for increased speed. Combining these items will enhance your mounted travel experience, making it easier to escape dangerous situations or to carry more loot during your journeys across the game's vast terrain.

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Wooden Horse Armor
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7–30 sec

Wooden Horse Armor Blueprint

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