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SAM Ammo

SAM Ammo

SAM Ammo, short for Surface-to-Air Missile Ammunition, is a specialized type of ammo used exclusively with the Sam Site defense structure in the game Rust. This ammunition is designed to take down airborne targets, like helicopters and player-controlled drones, with the help of its built-in guidance system. The guidance system ensures the missile can adjust its flight path, improving accuracy even during strong wind conditions, making it a reliable defense against air raids.

Players crafting or using SAM Ammo should note that it's essential for maintaining a secured base perimeter against flying threats. To use it effectively, players need to load the ammo into a Sam Site, which will then automatically target and fire at any hostile or unauthorized aircraft within its range. It's a powerful tool in the Rust landscape, where control of the airspace can significantly contribute to a group's dominance and base security.

Here are some tips for users of SAM Ammo in Rust:

  • Stockpile SAM Ammo to keep your Sam Sites always operational, especially during extended battles or raids.
  • Place Sam Sites strategically around your base to cover multiple angles of attack.
  • Remember that SAM Ammo can be expensive to craft, so use it wisely and keep an eye on your inventory levels.
With SAM Ammo, your base can become a no-fly zone for adversaries, securing the skies and giving you peace of mind.

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SAM Ammo

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SAM Ammo
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