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Supply Signal

Supply Signal

Supply Signal is a valuable item in Rust, used to call in a special care package from the sky. This item is represented as a purple smoke grenade and upon activation, it signals for an airdrop within a close proximity of its location. The Supply Signal is rarely found in Military and Elite Crates, making it a highly sought-after commodity.

When a player uses the Supply Signal, it emits purple smoke as a beacon, alerting nearby players of the impending airdrop. This can both attract attention and create potential conflict, so strategic use is advised. Not long after triggering the signal, a Cargo Plane will appear in the sky and drop supplies near the signal's location. Securing the drop for yourself can be challenging but highly rewarding, as it often contains valuable loot.

To maximize the benefits of a Supply Signal, consider using it in a secure location such as within high walls around your base or at strategic monuments like water pump stations or oil rigs. This makes it harder for other players to access and steal the airdropped cargo. However, be ready to defend your claim, as the signal does not go unnoticed. Strategize the timing and place of your Supply Signal to ensure the best chances of acquiring and keeping the precious resources it provides.

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