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Birch Tree

Birch Tree

The Birch Tree in Rust is a resource-providing environmental item found commonly across the game's landscape. This tree is an essential source of wood, a vital material for building structures, crafting tools, weapons, and other useful items in the game. Easily recognizable by its thin, white bark and slender leaves, the Birch Tree can be chopped down using tools like the rock, hatchet, or chainsaw to gather wood more efficiently.

Gamers aiming to excel in Rust should seek out Birch Trees to ensure a steady supply of wood. Positioning your base near these resources can save time and effort during gameplay. It's also wise to harvest Birch Trees with upgraded tools to maximize wood collection. However, be cautious - chopping wood can attract other players, potentially leading to PvP encounters. Always be prepared to defend your resources or make a quick getaway if necessary.

Birch Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3–5 sec
2 %
12–20 sec
2 %
12–19 sec
2 %
16–26 sec
11 %
17–28 sec
3 %
28–55 sec
19 %
19–38 sec
23 %
29–50 sec
14 %