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Dead Tree

Dead Tree

Dead Tree refers to the non-living trees found in the game Rust. These trees are scattered throughout the game's landscape and can be identified by their barren branches and lack of foliage. Unlike living trees, they provide a smaller amount of wood, one of the essential resources for survival. Players can harvest wood from dead trees using tools like a rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. Wood is crucial for building structures, crafting items, and staying warm by creating fires.

Gathering wood from a dead tree is quieter than chopping down a living tree, making it a safer option for players who want to avoid attracting attention. It is important to note that due to their limited resources, dead trees are not as efficient for farming wood as their living counterparts. However, they can be useful in a pinch or when you need to stay low-key.

When searching for dead trees, look for their distinctive silhouette against the Rust landscape. Always be prepared to defend yourself, as the sound of chopping can still be heard by other players who might be nearby. Remember, in Rust, staying unnoticed can be just as important as gathering resources.

Dead Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
4–6 sec
2 %
17–25 sec
2 %
15–26 sec
3 %
20–35 sec
14 %
22–37 sec
4 %
35 sec – 1 min 13 sec
25 %
24–51 sec
31 %
36 sec – 1 min 4 sec
17 %