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Incendiary Rocket

Incendiary Rocket

The Incendiary Rocket is a specialized ammunition type in the survival game Rust, designed for use with rocket launchers. Upon impact, this rocket releases a fiery blaze, causing ongoing fire damage to players, structures, and entities in its vicinity. It is particularly effective against wooden structures, easily destroying them with its intense flames, and it's equally efficient in neutralizing auto-turrets by burning them out.

This ammunition is not just for destruction – it can also be strategically used to control areas and deny access to enemies. By igniting the environment, you can corner opponents or even eliminate players who are trapped in enclosed spaces. However, users need to exercise caution not to harm themselves or allies, due to the rocket's area of effect and lasting fiery hazard.

When planning a raid or defense, incorporating Incendiary Rockets into your arsenal can be a game-changer. Timing and accuracy are key, as the spread of the flames can be unpredictable. It's a powerful tool for those who wish to wield fire as a weapon, asserting dominance on the battlefield by creating impassable barriers of flame or flushing out entrenched enemies with relentless heat.

Loot Incendiary Rocket

25 %
15 %

Craft Incendiary Rocket

Workbench Level
Incendiary Rocket
Incendiary Rocket Blueprint
5–10 sec
1 sec
Gun Powder
Known by Default
0.5–2 sec
Low Grade Fuel
Known by Default
1–5 sec
5 sec

Incendiary Rocket Blueprint

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