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Large Beech Tree

Large Beech Tree

The Large Beech Tree in Rust is a resource-rich environmental feature found commonly throughout the game's various biomes. This tree is a primary source for wood, which is an essential building and crafting material. Players can harvest wood from the tree using tools such as rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. The amount of wood gathered depends on the tool used, with more advanced tools like the chainsaw yielding higher quantities.

Aside from its practical uses, the Large Beech Tree adds to the immersive natural landscape of Rust, offering cover and strategic advantage for players navigating through the wilderness. To maximize wood collection, players should aim for the X marks that appear while chopping the tree, which results in bonus wood. It's crucial for Rust players to manage the risk of being exposed while gathering resources, so always be aware of your surroundings when approaching a Large Beech Tree for harvesting.

Moreover, the Large Beech Tree's location can sometimes indicate the presence of other resources nearby, such as ore nodes or hemp plants, making it a good indicator for resource-rich areas. Always keep an eye out for other players, wildlife, and environmental threats when collecting from these trees. The wood collected from Large Beech Trees will be instrumental in building shelters, crafting tools, weapons, and for use in furnaces and campfires.

Large Beech Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
4–6 sec
2 %
17–25 sec
2 %
15–26 sec
3 %
20–35 sec
14 %
22–37 sec
4 %
35 sec – 1 min 13 sec
25 %
24–51 sec
31 %
36 sec – 1 min 4 sec
17 %