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Large Fir Tree

Large Fir Tree

The Large Fir Tree in Rust is a crucial resource for players seeking wood, an essential material for building, crafting, and fuel. Found throughout the game's forested regions, these towering trees provide a substantial amount of wood per chop, making them an invaluable asset for survival and base construction. With the right tools, such as a hatchet or chainsaw, players can harvest wood more efficiently from these trees.

Gathering wood from Large Fir Trees is straightforward: approach the tree and use your chosen tool to chop it down. The amount of wood received can vary, but using higher-tier tools will yield more wood and reduce the time taken per tree. It is also important to note that the sounds of chopping can attract nearby players, setting up potential encounters or conflicts.

Players looking to maintain a low profile while gathering should consider the time of day and their surroundings, as chopping during the night or in secluded areas can lessen the chances of being detected. Additionally, continuously moving between trees and staying vigilant can help avoid unwanted attention. Remember, Large Fir Trees not only offer resources but can also serve as temporary cover from enemies or wildlife.

Large Fir Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
4–6 sec
2 %
17–25 sec
2 %
15–26 sec
3 %
20–35 sec
14 %
22–37 sec
4 %
35 sec – 1 min 13 sec
25 %
24–51 sec
31 %
36 sec – 1 min 4 sec
17 %