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Large Oak Tree

Large Oak Tree

The Large Oak Tree is a natural resource found in the survival game Rust. Renowned for its height and imposing presence, the Large Oak Tree serves as a crucial source of wood, a fundamental material for building structures, crafting tools, and creating campfires for warmth and cooking. Players can harvest the wood using tools like hatchets or chainsaws, and the amount of wood obtained is usually substantial due to the tree's size.

When interacting with the Large Oak Tree, it is important to note that using more advanced tools will yield wood more efficiently. It's also a strategic landmark, often marking resource-rich areas where players may find other materials or wildlife. However, chopping down these trees can alert nearby players to your presence because of the noise, so caution is advised during harvesting.

Remember that the Large Oak Tree, like other trees in Rust, will eventually respawn after being cut down. This makes it a reliable and renewable resource spot, but players should be mindful of their surroundings while collecting wood to ensure they do not become targets for other players seeking to loot resources. The Large Oak Tree is an essential part of survival in Rust and mastering its harvesting can greatly benefit your gameplay.

Large Oak Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3–5 sec
2 %
12–20 sec
2 %
12–19 sec
2 %
16–26 sec
11 %
17–28 sec
3 %
28–55 sec
19 %
19–38 sec
23 %
29–50 sec
14 %