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Large Palm Tree

Large Palm Tree

The Large Palm Tree in Rust is an in-game natural feature found commonly on the beaches and desert biomes of the island. It is recognizable by its tall trunk and sprawling fronds that provide shade. Players can chop the Large Palm Tree using tools like the rock, hatchet, or chainsaw to gather wood, which is a vital resource for crafting, building structures, and maintaining campfires.

Harvesting a Large Palm Tree efficiently requires tools; the rock being the most basic and the chainsaw the most efficient, yielding the highest amount of wood in the shortest time. The Large Palm Tree does not drop any seeds or offer any food items, such as coconuts or dates. It's essential for survival in Rust, as wood is needed for crucial early game items like the spear, workbench, or shelter.

When approaching a Large Palm Tree, be mindful of your surroundings, as busy areas might put players at risk of encountering others who might be hostile. Using the environment strategically, the Large Palm Tree can also provide cover during PVP encounters or when one needs to hide from animals or other threats.

Large Palm Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
13–22 sec
2 %
3–6 sec
2 %
14–22 sec
3 %
18–32 sec
13 %
18–34 sec
4 %
32 sec – 1 min 6 sec
23 %
22–46 sec
28 %
32–58 sec
16 %