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Large pile of Driftwood

Large pile of Driftwood

The Large Pile of Driftwood in Rust is a naturally spawned item typically found along the beaches or near bodies of water. It is a critical resource for players looking to gather wood, an essential material used for building structures, crafting items, and creating fires for warmth and cooking. To collect wood from the pile, players must hit it with a tool like a rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. This item provides a reliable source of wood, especially for new players starting on the coast.

As a practical tip, using tools with higher efficiency, such as a salvaged axe or chainsaw, will allow players to gather wood from the Large Pile of Driftwood more quickly and with less effort. Players should always be aware of their surroundings when collecting resources from driftwood, as the beach areas can often be frequented by other players, leading to potential conflicts. Additionally, stockpiling wood from driftwood is advisable for long-term survival, as it is used in many recipes and is a fundamental component for maintaining a base.

Large pile of Driftwood Is-gathered

Condition Loss
6 sec
1 %
1 sec
1 %
7 sec
1 %
9 sec
4 %
10 sec
1 %
17 sec
6 %
11 sec
8 %
16 sec
5 %