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Large Pine Tree

Large Pine Tree

The Large Pine Tree in Rust is a natural resource found within the game's vast landscapes. This towering tree is a crucial source of wood, an essential material for building structures, crafting tools, and staying warm. Players can chop down Large Pine Trees using tools such as the rock, hatchet, or chainsaw to collect wood efficiently. Due to its size, a Large Pine Tree typically yields a significant amount of wood compared to smaller trees.

Harvesting wood from Large Pine Trees is an important activity for survival in Rust. Adequately stocked wood reserves are vital for constructing bases, furnishing secure storage for items, and creating campfires for cooking and warmth. Additionally, when harvested, these trees sometimes drop pine cones which can be planted to grow new trees, promoting resource sustainability.

For optimal wood gathering, players are advised to aim for the X marks when chopping Large Pine Trees, as it increases the amount of wood acquired per hit. Moreover, using higher-tier tools like the chainsaw can expedite the process, saving time and effort. Always be mindful of your surroundings while collecting wood to avoid ambushes from other players or wildlife encounters.

Large Pine Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3–5 sec
2 %
12–20 sec
2 %
12–19 sec
2 %
16–26 sec
11 %
17–28 sec
3 %
28–55 sec
19 %
19–38 sec
23 %
29–50 sec
14 %