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Medium Beech Tree

Medium Beech Tree

The Medium Beech Tree in Rust is a natural resource commonly found in the forested areas of the game's map. This type of tree is known for its moderate size and is a vital source of wood for players. Harvesting a Medium Beech Tree provides players with much-needed materials for building structures, crafting tools, creating weapons, or making a fire to stay warm. It can be easily chopped down with tools such as a rock, hatchet, or chainsaw, with more efficient tools yielding wood faster.

For optimal results, aim to harvest the Medium Beech Tree with a chainsaw if you have access to one, as it significantly speeds up the gathering process. Planning your resource gathering route to include several Medium Beech Trees is also advised since wood is a crucial resource in all stages of the game. Remember to stay alert while chopping wood, as the noise can attract nearby players or wildlife, which could pose a danger to you. The Medium Beech Tree is undeniably an essential part of surviving and advancing in Rust.

Medium Beech Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3–5 sec
2 %
12–20 sec
2 %
12–19 sec
2 %
16–26 sec
11 %
17–28 sec
3 %
28–55 sec
19 %
19–38 sec
23 %
29–50 sec
14 %