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Medium Palm Tree

Medium Palm Tree

The Medium Palm Tree is an in-game resource in Rust, popular for its provision of wood and palm seeds. Players can find these trees commonly scattered around the more tropical and beach areas of the map, making them a crucial resource for survival. Harvesting a Medium Palm Tree with a tool, such as a hatchet or chainsaw, yields wood, which is essential for building structures, crafting items, and fueling fires. Palm seeds, sometimes dropped when chopping down these trees, allow players to cultivate their own trees, ensuring a sustainable wood supply.

For those looking to maximize their wood gathering, using tools with higher gathering rates like the chainsaw is recommended. It's also strategic to collect palm seeds when available to create a farm near your base for a continuous wood source. Remember, palm trees are not just for wood; they complement the aesthetic of any beachside base while providing a bit of cover. Approach the Medium Palm Tree with the right tool, give it a few swings, and you'll quickly gather the resources you need to thrive in Rust.

Medium Palm Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3–5 sec
2 %
12–20 sec
2 %
12–19 sec
2 %
16–26 sec
11 %
17–28 sec
3 %
28–55 sec
19 %
19–38 sec
23 %
29–50 sec
14 %