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Medium pile of Driftwood

Medium pile of Driftwood

The Medium pile of Driftwood in Rust is a natural resource that players can find along the shorelines and beaches of the game's map. It can be collected and used as firewood to fuel campfires or can be broken down into wood, a basic crafting material essential for building structures, crafting tools, and making weapons. This driftwood is valuable for survival and crafting advancements in Rust.

Players looking to gather a Medium pile of Driftwood should focus on exploring coastal areas. Once collected, driftwood can be converted into wood by using the harvesting tool. One of the best strategies is to stockpile this resource, ensuring a steady supply of wood for when it's needed most. Remember that driftwood is primarily for basic construction and fuel, so keep an eye out for larger or more complex resource needs as you progress in the game.

Medium pile of Driftwood Is-gathered

Condition Loss
6 sec
1 %
1 sec
1 %
7 sec
1 %
9 sec
4 %
10 sec
1 %
17 sec
6 %
11 sec
8 %
16 sec
5 %