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Short Palm Tree

Short Palm Tree

The Short Palm Tree is a key decorative item in the survival game Rust. Specifically designed to provide aesthetic enhancement to bases and surroundings, this item adds a tropical flair to any environment. While it does not yield resources, the Short Palm Tree is perfect for players focusing on base customization and improving in-game living spaces.

Tips for players: Position the Short Palm Tree strategically around your base to create a natural, lush appearance. Pairing it with other plants can amplify the tropical effect. Remember, this item is purely for decorative purposes and won’t provide materials like wood or food. However, it’s a great way to show off your building's unique style and to stand out among other survivors on the island. Additionally, clever placement could potentially help camouflage entrances or valuable items from other players.

Short Palm Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
2–3 sec
1 %
10–13 sec
1 %
10–15 sec
2 %
13–20 sec
8 %
14–21 sec
3 %
21–41 sec
14 %
14–28 sec
18 %
23–37 sec
10 %