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Small Beech Tree

Small Beech Tree

The Small Beech Tree in Rust is a natural resource that players can find in the game's forested areas. This young tree is important for players seeking wood, one of the fundamental resources required for crafting tools, weapons, and building structures. Its small size indicates that it provides less wood than a fully grown tree, making it quick to chop down with tools like a rock or hatchet.

Harvesting from the Small Beech Tree is efficient for new players or those who need wood quickly without attracting too much attention. It's essential to note that while these trees are more abundant, the yield of wood is lower compared to larger trees. Players can identify the Small Beech Tree by its thin trunk and smaller foliage compared to other trees in Rust.

In addition to gathering wood, the Small Beech Tree can be used by players to practice their chopping skills and improve their gathering efficiency. Remember to keep an eye out for other players while harvesting, as the sound of chopping can be heard by nearby enemies. Conservation of resources is also a consideration – while smaller trees respawn over time, focusing on sustainable harvesting can benefit the overall health of the forested areas in Rust.

Small Beech Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
2–3 sec
1 %
10–13 sec
1 %
9–13 sec
2 %
12–18 sec
8 %
13–19 sec
2 %
20–37 sec
13 %
13–25 sec
16 %
20–32 sec
9 %