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Small Fir Tree

Small Fir Tree

The Small Fir Tree is an environmental element in the survival game Rust. It is a type of tree that players can find scattered across the game's vast wilderness. Unlike its larger counterparts, the small fir tree can be chopped down relatively quickly for wood, a crucial resource for crafting and building within the game. Wood from small fir trees is essential for creating tools, weapons, shelters, and other items to survive and thrive in Rust.

Players can harvest wood from the Small Fir Tree using tools such as rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. The amount of wood gathered can vary depending on the tool used, with more efficient tools yielding wood faster. It's important for players to manage their inventory space when collecting wood from these trees to ensure they can carry all the necessary resources for their adventures.

To maximize wood collection, players should aim to strike the glowing 'X' that appears on the tree while chopping it down. This yields wood more quickly and efficiently. As with all resources in Rust, be aware of your surroundings while harvesting to avoid encounters with wildlife or other players. Due to their smaller size, Small Fir Trees are ideal for quick wood gathering, especially when a player is in need of building materials in a pinch or is just starting out in the game.

Small Fir Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
3 sec
1 %
13 sec
1 %
13 sec
2 %
18 sec
8 %
19 sec
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37 sec
13 %
25 sec
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9 %