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Small Oak Tree

Small Oak Tree

The Small Oak Tree is an environmental item found in the survival game Rust. This natural resource is a young, smaller version of the larger oak trees present in the game. It can be chopped down using tools such as rock, hatchet, or chainsaw, yielding a moderate amount of wood, which is an essential material for building structures, crafting tools, and maintaining fires. The Small Oak Tree is recognizable by its relatively short stature and slim trunk, making it a quick and easy source for wood, especially valuable for players in the early stages of the game or those looking to gather resources quickly.

In order to maximize the wood obtained from a Small Oak Tree, players should use more advanced tools like the hatchet or chainsaw, as they are more efficient than the starter rock. Furthermore, hitting the red 'X' that appears while chopping will speed up the process and give you bonus wood. It's important to note that the Small Oak Tree will respawn over time, making it a renewable resource. As players progress in Rust, managing resources like the Small Oak Tree becomes crucial for long-term survival and base development.

Small Oak Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
2–3 sec
1 %
10–13 sec
1 %
9–13 sec
2 %
12–18 sec
8 %
13–19 sec
2 %
20–37 sec
13 %
13–25 sec
16 %
20–32 sec
9 %