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Small Palm Tree

Small Palm Tree

The Small Palm Tree is a natural resource item found in the survival game Rust. It typically grows in the sandy beach biomes and can be harvested for wood, which is an essential material for building structures, crafting tools, and creating campfires for warmth and cooking. This palm tree is distinguishable by its shorter stature when compared to other trees in the game.

Players can harvest the Small Palm Tree using tools such as the rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. The hatchet or chainsaw will yield wood more efficiently than the rock. After being chopped down, the small palm will provide a modest amount of wood, making it useful for quick resource gathering, especially for those just starting out or in need of a fast supply of wood.

It's important to note that, due to its size, the Small Palm Tree does not provide as much wood as larger trees. Additionally, players should be mindful of the surrounding environment when harvesting, as beach areas might expose them to other players and potential threats. When harvested, the Small Palm Tree will eventually respawn, allowing players to return to the area for more resources later on.

Small Palm Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
2–4 sec
2 %
12–17 sec
1 %
11–18 sec
2 %
15–26 sec
10 %
16–26 sec
3 %
25–44 sec
15 %
17–30 sec
19 %
26–49 sec
13 %