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Small pile of Driftwood

Small pile of Driftwood

The Small Pile of Driftwood in Rust is a resource item commonly found along the beaches or near bodies of water in the game. Essential for survival, driftwood can be harvested for wood, a fundamental material used in crafting, building shelters, tools, and for fueling fires. Players can quickly gather it without the need for any tools, making it a valuable resource for beginners or when in a pinch.

To maximize the potential of driftwood, use it to start a fire by crafting a campfire or a torch, which are crucial for warmth and light during the cold, dark nights. It's also a stepping stone for crafting basic tools such as the stone hatchet or spear, providing players with the means to defend themselves and gather more resources efficiently. Keep in mind that driftwood spots reset over time, so revisiting the same beach can yield additional resources.

Remember that while a Small Pile of Driftwood is an accessible source of wood, players should ultimately look to upgrade their tools and harvest larger trees for a more abundant wood supply. Nevertheless, never underestimate the importance of this easy-to-find resource in the early stages of the game or in emergency situations.

Small pile of Driftwood Is-gathered

Condition Loss
6 sec
1 %
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