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Small Pine Tree

Small Pine Tree

The Small Pine Tree in Rust is an environmental item found within the game's diverse biomes. As a resource, it offers players wood when chopped down with tools like the rock, hatchet, or chainsaw. Wood is an essential material, primarily used for building structures, crafting items, and fuel for fires. The Small Pine Tree can be identified by its modest size and distinctive needle-like leaves, making it distinguishable from other flora in the game.

To maximize wood collection, players are advised to use more efficient tools like the hatchet or chainsaw. Each tree yields a different amount of wood, but Small Pine Trees are convenient for quick gathering due to their prevalence and easier harvesting. Keep an eye out for the X mark, which appears on trees when being chopped; hitting this mark will yield more wood and fell the tree faster. Remember to be cautious of your surroundings, as the noise generated from chopping can attract other players or wildlife.

Understanding the importance of the Small Pine Tree in Rust is key for survival and progression in the game. Utilize them wisely to ensure a steady supply of wood for your in-game needs.

Small Pine Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
2–3 sec
1 %
10–13 sec
1 %
9–13 sec
2 %
12–18 sec
8 %
13–19 sec
2 %
20–37 sec
13 %
13–25 sec
16 %
20–32 sec
9 %