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Swamp Tree

Swamp Tree

The Swamp Tree is a unique type of tree found within the swamp biome in the game Rust. Easily recognizable by their distinctive appearance, these trees add to the immersive environment of the swamp area. However, when it comes to utility, Swamp Trees offer lower yields of wood compared to the standard trees found across the game's landscape. This makes them a less desirable choice for players aiming to maximize their wood-gathering efforts. Typically, it's recommended to target these trees only when other more lucrative trees are not in close proximity or if you are in dire need of wood.

Despite their lower yields, Swamp Trees can still serve a purpose for players who find themselves in the swamp without immediate access to other resources. In survival situations within Rust, they can provide enough wood for crafting essential items or building basic structures. It's always good to remember that when resources are scarce, every little bit counts, and Swamp Trees can be a handy, albeit not optimal, source of wood.

Moreover, experienced players may also use these trees for strategic purposes, as exploiting the resources that are readily on-hand can sometimes be vital. Bear in mind that Swamp Trees can be easily identified by their "interesting" and somewhat eerie aesthetic, which may also play into your stealth strategy within the swamp. When in need, don't hesitate to harvest these trees, but always prioritize higher-yield options in order to gather resources more efficiently in the world of Rust.

Swamp Tree Is-gathered

Condition Loss
4–6 sec
2 %
17–25 sec
2 %
15–26 sec
3 %
21–36 sec
14 %
22–41 sec
5 %
43 sec – 1 min 41 sec
34 %
30 sec – 1 min 10 sec
43 %
36 sec – 1 min 4 sec
17 %