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12 Gauge Slug

12 Gauge Slug

12 Gauge Slug is a powerful shotgun ammunition used in the game Rust. It is designed to fire a solitary, heavy projectile that delivers significant damage to targets. Unlike traditional shotgun pellets, the 12 Gauge Slug is tailored for long-range engagements, offering players an extended reach when using shotguns. This makes it an excellent choice for hunting wildlife or engaging in combat at moderate distances.

With the 12 Gauge Slug, players must prioritize accuracy due to its single-projectile nature. It lacks the spread of buckshot, meaning missed shots are more likely without precise aim. However, when a shot connects, it can be devastating, often capable of killing enemies or animals in fewer hits compared to other ammo types. It's crucial to note that while the slug extends the shotgun's effective range, it is less lethal at close range compared to traditional shotgun buckshot.

Players should consider their tactical situation when selecting 12 Gauge Slug ammo. It's ideal for scenarios where distance is involved, but not when facing multiple close-range opponents. Bringing a mix of slugs and buckshot can provide versatility for shifting combat ranges encountered in Rust. Remember to practice aiming and tracking distant targets to make the most out of these slugs.

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12 Gauge Slug
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1–3 sec
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0.5–2 sec

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